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    hi guys , i alwayse flash my official roms using odin , and its always a one AP ".tar" file , and thats it , but now for my new galaxy s7 edge , when i unzip the file , i have 5 files which they are :
    1- AP
    5-HOME CSC
    , just how to flash these things plz, only the ap file ? or should i flash others and how plz , and what is the difference between number 4 , and number 5 please

    note: i installed only the ap file , but 1 thing i noticed is that there are 2 new official update to the same region my rom is , but its still says that i have the latest software update even though the third update is released , im still stuck on the first released rom that came with the phone when it got released , anw im not sure if this issue related to only flashing the AP file ,
    thank you so much i hope you help me
    04-12-2016 03:31 AM

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