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    I've donated my S4 to my mum to replace her ace (payg). I couldn't swap the sim because it was too big so the vodafone shop supplied a new, smaller one and installed it for her. It doesn't look like they copied the contacts on the sim.

    I tried to copy contacts off the ace (they are still there) onto my pc so i could upload them onto the S4.

    However, Kies is poo. It crashed, it wouldn't upgrade and it wouldn't recognise the ace so i had to give up.

    Is there another way I can transfer contacts from the ace to the S4?
    04-12-2016 06:23 AM
  2. chennaite's Avatar
    There will be option Like Export your contacts to SD card. Transfer it to SD and name something for your backup. It ' ll be saved as .vcf . Then transfer the SD card to your desired phone and click the option import from the sd card. If you don't have SD card try Google drive or save into outbox in mail.
    04-12-2016 06:48 AM
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    The Contacts wouldn't normally be on the sim card. If you can set the old phone up again, or go to the store you can merge all contacts to Google.
    If she has a Google account (she must do, and it's easy with Google's help to recover the password for her email address), log in on a pc and see if her contacts were there.

    type Contacts.Google.com

    If they are on the account there, then on the new device go to Settings - Accounts - Google - Contacts and check to sync (master sync on).

    They may also be Samsung Contacts and they would be retrieved from Accounts - Samsung - Contacts if you can log it in to her Samsung account. (many people don't open an account).

    Sims have been able to hold a few contacts, name and number only, and they could be moved to device or Google Contacts.
    If they were sim contacts they were lost with the old sim. If they were device contacts, you could have got them to merge with Google or Samsung Contacts.

    So a Samsung of that period had Google Contacts, Samsung Contacts, Device contacts iirc, and sim contacts. Sorry
    04-12-2016 07:05 AM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    If the contacts aren't on the Google contact site, go into her phone and change them all to Google contacts (see the Contacts part of Backing up an Android Device). Sync the contacts and they'll be at the site. Put her account into your phone, turn it on, sync contacts and you'll have them on your phone. Put your Google account in your phone (if it's not already there). Delete her Google account from your phone. Delete all your contacts from her phone and her contacts.google.com page.

    Google defaults all new contacts to Device - they should default all new contacts to Google. (But no one asked for my opinion before they made the choice.)
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    04-13-2016 04:47 PM

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