1. AC Question's Avatar
    Until this last week I could find a tweet, then press and hold to copy it. Now nothing happens. Help!
    04-13-2016 07:12 PM
  2. anon(782252)'s Avatar
    Hi and Welcome to AC!

    If I press and hold a tweet using the Twitter app, i get following options. To copy it, I just select 'Share via' and select clipboard on the next screen.
    Attached Thumbnails Can anyone else copy tweets from twitter using the android app?-1460593407945.jpg  
    04-13-2016 07:23 PM
  3. itechnobadly's Avatar
    I have the same problem in Twitter on my Samsung 8+ and on old Moto Z4, but not on the LG Stylo 4 I now use strictly for Twitter for that very reason.

    However, since I just ordered a Moto 7 Power I would love to know if you were ever able to resolve the problem, and if so, how. Thanks.
    08-03-2019 04:49 AM

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