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    Help please. I can't view downloaded pdfs anymore after I close the initial download. I can still view pre-existing pdfs and I can view them from the drop down menu, but as soon as I try to view the new downloads from myfiles I get a message saying can't find application to open.

    It worked fine this morning, but by this evening it stopped working. I've haven't updated anything during that time, so I have no idea what's wrong. I have a Samsung galaxy s6 and am using Google pdf viewer. Have tried turning the phone off and on again and reinstalling Google pdf. I can still download pictures and doc files, but not pdfs. The pdf viewer works fine as I can still view pdfs already on the phone no problem.

    I've checked the details of the files that I'm having problems with and they all say something about being cached instead of saved in the documents or download folder. No idea what that actually means...

    04-14-2016 01:06 PM

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