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    Hi all,

    My Android phone fell in water yesterday. I pulled it out immediately. It was still working but I turned it off. I took off the cover and sim and sd card (battery doesn't come out), and dried it off. I then blow dried it with a hot blow drier (which I now realize may have been a mistake) and submerged it in rice for 12 hours.

    Today the phone's touch screen was finicky at first... sometimes it worked fine, sometimes it would become completely unresponsive. To make it responsive again when it was unresponsive, I had to reboot it. Usually that would make it responsive for a minute at least.

    I then turned the phone off for several hours, and when I turned it back on, it worked great for several hours! After finishing sending emails etc, I plugged it in to charge again, realized I forgot to send a message, and came back to it. All of a sudden it was completely unresponsive again. I've tried rebooting it several times but each time it's been unresponsive.

    When it's unresponsive, I can't do anything at all with the screen, which means I can't unlock the phone or power off the phone... I've been trying to figure out a way to power it off for now but have only found ways to reboot it using the volume and power buttons.

    Due to the pattern described above, I'm hopeful this can be fixed and isn't due to permanent damage.

    It's a Moto G first generation, bought a year ago.

    UPDATE: I put the phone in oatmeal overnight and, as of this morning, it is working well again. Based on the experience above, though, it could stop working after a while. Will update here either way.

    04-14-2016 02:28 PM

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