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    So I am upgrading to a new phone through Sprint Easy Pay. Both of these devices are $10/month. Unfortunately I can't decide between them. I am not the type of person who needs the latest and greatest phone, but I do like stable hardware that allows me to customize the software. Unfortunately I can't find any of these devices to try out in the Sprint stores in my area, but they can be bought online.

    Reasons why I would get the LG Flex 2:

    - More modern CPU/GPU combo. Faster overall performance, but this is mitigated by overheating and cpu throttling? Or is that fixed?
    - I like the hardware design.
    - Better battery life.

    Reasons why I would get the LG G3:
    - More ram 3Gb vs. 2Gb (will this be a bottleneck soon?)
    - More custom-firmware options, and all of the bugs have been worked out with fixes.
    - Higher resolution screen (which can affect performance.)
    - I am certain wifi-tethering (through root or custom firmware) works and this is a must have for me since I have an unlimited data plan which I like to share with my tablets and portable game consoles.
    - It is getting the Marshmallow update sooner from what I've read.

    Basically I guess when it comes down to it these are the things keeping me from deciding. Which is faster in real-world performance and which will remain this fast in the future? I might do some gaming, but I am not really interested in mobile phone gaming too much besides easy to run emulators. Mostly I want to know which loads web-pages faster, and whether or not the 2 Gb ram in the Flex 2 will be a bottleneck in the next two years, or would the weaker 801 be a bottleneck in the G3 in the next two years? Also does the flex 2 have some option to get free wifi tethering, particularly native tethering support that I can use with Foxfi/Pdanet+? That is the main reason why I would like the G3 because custom roms seem to support this. Is there a chance the Flex 2 will get custom roms soon? How much do custom roms improve the performance of the G3? Are they stable? (I have used Cyanogenmod on an old Nook HD+ tablet, and I had many wifi/bluetooth issues.)

    Sorry for all of the broad range of questions and thanks for the help beforehand.
    04-14-2016 07:57 PM

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