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    The phone I have now is the LG Optimus L70 which I got only because it was $20 during a promotion at Metro PCS. It's an absolutely horrible phone, I realize, but I'm on a budget. I'm planning on switching to Boost Mobile and getting the ZTE Prestige. The ZTE and the LG both have only 1gb of ram, which concerns me, although the ZTE has 8gb internal while the LG only has 4gb.

    I know nothing about processors or how to figure out if the new phone I want to get will be faster than the one I currently have, so I'm hoping someone here will be nice enough to please review the comparison of the two phones and let me know if it will be faster or not. Unfortunately I don't have enough money at the moment to by a contract phone or an expensive phone because I've got a trip planned. Please don't just tell me both phones are terrible because I already know they aren't the best, I really just need to know if the ZTE would be any faster than the LG.

    Additionally, if you know of any better phone than the ZTE Prestige that Metro PCS or Boost carries that's around $100, please let me know. I don't want another LG and am not interested in Alcatel or Huawei because I have no experience with them. Thank you.

    *EDIT* I put a link to a site comparing the specs of the phones, but this site told me to remove it or my post will be marked as spam. Should I copy and paste the specs here or something? Help!
    04-14-2016 10:06 PM

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