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    I recently teaded out my GS7 edge for a regular S7 and used the usb cable in the box to transfer everything I could over to the NEW new phone that I'd gotten in the ~week of living with the edge.

    Unfortunately, this seems to have given me my old night clock settings and I can't access the menu on the s7 like I could on the edge to modify, change, or at the very least DISABLE the darn thing.

    It seems that this means the feature is limeted to or exclusive on the edge but that doesn't make sense given how it displays just fine on the s7 and the settings apparently transferred for it. All that's missing is the menu access to adjust the night clock settings itself.

    Any ideas, thoughts, or help would be greatly appreciated. Especially if it doesn't resort to resetting the phone to factory and losing all my data and preferences. Or worse, voiding my warrenties because I have to root it or jailbreak it or something.
    04-15-2016 08:18 AM

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