1. Fulani Filot's Avatar
    For a week I've observed that whenever I turn on my Samsung Galaxy Core GT-I8262 (Android 4.1.2) it does the following:
    ▶ Indicates "Boot complete".
    ▶ Turns on its WiFi antenna by itself.

    Is it infected with some kind if malware that the always-updated NQ Mobile Security antivirus can't detect?

    The WiFi isn't set to auto-activate in the WiFi section of the Settings Menu.

    I don't recall having any app with the ability or need to turn on the WiFi on startup (I stand to be corrected by any of you experts out there reading this).

    So what do you think could be the issue? Thanks for your anticipated and higly welcome inputs.
    04-15-2016 01:59 PM

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