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    A little while back, I passed on my Samsung Galaxy S6 to my mom. She used the fingerprint scanner to get into the device. Today, her battery died for the first time and because you can't use her fingerprint the first time after a restart and she forgot the backup password, we cannot access the phone.

    I thought there was an option to reset the device using her Google account after entering the wrong code a few times, but that option doesn't appear unfortunately. I read about Samsung's Find my Mobile, and while I was using the S6 I activated it and I can find it in my list of phones when I login with my Samsung Account, but I am unable to unlock the phone with it because it says it's offline at the moment (it's online, but I assume it says that because it isn't activated anymore, I reset the phone before I gave it to my mom).

    I know that I can enter recovery mode to factory reset the device. The thing is that she really wants the pictures on it. Is there any way at all for me to get the pictures from the device? If I'm correct, it was fully stock.
    04-15-2016 03:24 PM
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    Not until you solve the "locked out" situation. Figure it out - it's not your mom who has the phone, it's someone who lifted it out of your pocket. Would you want HIM to somehow be able to get access to all the data on the phone? The phone can't tell who it is, mom or phone-thief.
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    04-15-2016 05:39 PM

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