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    My phone is just not allowing me to watch any videos on my phone or on the internet. I go to videos app on the phone and click on a video and it just says "video problem unsupported file type" then the app freezes up and closes out. When i try to watch a video online, it just ether doesn't respond or says "problem playing video" or "cannot play video" and thats it. I have tried restarting my phone, factory reset, taking out the battery everything! My phone also is having problems turning on, it will turn on and just stay on the white metro screen and ill have to fight with it to get into it by turning it on and off what seems like 20 times before it will respond. If anyone can help it would b greatly appreciated
    04-15-2016 11:14 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Phones don't open files, apps do. Evidently you don't have an app that can open that type of file. If we knew the file type we could probably tell you what app(s) can open it, but VLC for Android opens just about any video.
    10-21-2016 02:10 PM

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