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    I haven’t found a fix for this problem, despite a fair amount of research. Clearly, it’s related to using the SD card as internal storage, but the erratic nature of the events make it difficult to pin down a cause and remedy. I have enjoyed my Motorola 3G. That is, until the Marshmallow update, which coincided with the occurrence of several annoying processes. My phone has 8 GB of storage (I couldn’t afford more), and so I took advantage of the ability to make my SD card part of permanent storage, moving apps to it, which should have worked. Several issues ensued. First, the SD card is not always recognized, leading to problems; Settings, Google Play, and other apps sometimes “stop working.” Some apps are greyed out on the home screen (fixed with reset); apps disappear from home page but are in app folder; apps disappear from app folder (recovered with restart originally, now seem to have disappeared). I’m also now getting a few random resets. No data is important, so I can do fixes that require resets and large eliminations of applications. Thanks for any help in advance.
    04-16-2016 10:45 AM

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