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    I have two Samsung's an S5 Mini and a Core Prime, there was an update for the Core Prime, which I did, and have had nothing but trouble with the phone since.

    The first thing I noticed after the update was when I connected it to my PC via USB, the USB icon was no longer showing in the notification panel at the top.

    I contacted Samsung who said do a factory reset that will take it back to the firmware it was released with. I thought firmware once installed was there forever, so I asked the Samsung rep again, would a factory reset revert it back to the android version it was released with, I was told yes.

    Against my better judgement I did the reset, got through all of the initial setting up, checked the version it was still Lollipop and I was still missing my USB notification.

    Because this is a spare phone I keep it on my PC with USB charge, prior to Lollipop I used to have a screensaver of photo's. I set it up to play after 15 seconds.

    I then noticed the screensaver wasn't kicking in, it was also at this time I noticed instead of what ever it was I tapped, there was like a little bubble, and inevitably, it wouldn't hit what I had tapped.

    So back to Samsung, after telling them time and time again the problem's (lack of USB, no screensaver and the bubble like thing). the phone is only 6 months old and on a plan, they told me to contact my telco, there was nothing they could do.

    I contacted my telco, who are in the process of sending me out a loan phone, they also said contact Samsung.

    So back I went to Samsung and told them the same thing a dozen times, before they finally came back with Lollipop disables the screensaver, and USB notification, as for the bubble like thing they had no idea.

    I could at a cost to myself get the version rolled back to it's original droid version, or wait until the next firmware to be released in which perhaps these bugs might be fixed.
    04-16-2016 11:10 AM

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