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    **I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5**
    On almost all of my phone calls, at some point the person I'm talking with can no longer hear me, but I can hear them perfectly. We have to hang up and call again, and it works again. A couple things:
    -I've checked, and the mute button on the screen has not been pressed.
    -A new phone call always fixes the problem, although the mic will probably cut out again partway through the new conversation.
    -The problem is never reversed. I can always hear the person I'm talking to, and they can't hear me.
    -It's not just with one specific person or 1 specific network. It happens with everybody, any network.
    -Other people use their phones at my house, on the same network (AT&T), and have no problems. This leads me to believe it's my specific phone.

    Anyone have this same problem, and know if this is a software or hardware issue? If software, is it a specific app that interferes? If hardware, why is it intermittent?
    04-18-2016 07:48 PM

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