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    I'm getting pretty frustrated... my HTC One M8 is a GREAT phone, I really love it... BUT!!! I had a minor hardware issue with it and Verizon just replaced it with a 'Like New' HTC One M8 via VZ Extended Warranty. The thing is, I was going app crazy a while back and I had over 200 apps on my phone. They were very organized into folders just like I was on my home PC... true. I had apps the helped me keep it running smooth and they did fine.

    When I went to do the Marshmellow update though I decided to slim-down the app count, so I used a few different apps to wipe caches, data, history, etc. I reset the phone to factory... but when it was booting up on the install it said it was optimizing 200+ apps!!! I was pretty irritated because it didn't have that from factory some why am I seeing this on a factory reset. I went into several menus and changed settings. I don't remember which ones I changed but it worked. I did the update and it now was saying at boot it was optimizing like 20 apps.

    So I get the new replacement phone and have to do it all ove again but I don't remember what I did. Right out of the gate as soon as I got this phone it did the same thing. Said it was optimizing 200+ apps that weren't even on the phone. I hadn't even logged into my gmail account yet. It must be linked with my SIM card???

    I don't know but I have to update this to Marshmellow now and I'd prefer to be starting with a clean slate. Anyone???

    I haven't had time to search yet for this but I also am looking to root this phone (HTC One M8 Marshmellow) if anyone knows the easiest way, one-click would be great.

    Thanks so much for your help!!!
    04-18-2016 10:35 PM

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