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    I've tried Musicbee and bittorrent sync, but I could not get playlists to work properly. I have no desire to stream music.

    With MusicBee I was able to point the app at playlists and get centralized playlist management from Windows. Anyone else connected can view and edit the playlists, a bit dangerous, but easy to setup playlists for other people and let them edit while also adding in new content for them.

    I would like that general behavior but with the playlist syncing and ideally updating while on the mobile so deleting a file on the mobile would delete it from it's respective playlists on sync and also ideally ratings be passed back and forth.

    I would also really like this solution to work with Ok Google so I can just tell the phone to play a playlist. Google Music always seems to pop up and want to stream when I try to make it play a playlist.

    I bought Amazon Premium music and that almost works, but the UI is rather horrible for playing local music or making playlists and it does not support importing playlists so I'm pretty screwed on that one. I don't know that it can sync local playlists back to the amazon cloud though.

    I tried Media Monkey but the UI was lacking key features to make it simple. Even MusicBee has a significantly better UI. Media Monkey has come closest so far, but creating playlists with it was a pain. I can create playlists in MusicBee then load them to MediaMonkey to use it to push out synced playlists over wifi.

    Now I've given up and I'm about to pay DoubleTwist and just force myself to use iTunes because I cannot find a better solution and that seems like the best.

    I'm also going to try out CloudPlayer, but I suspect I'll not like the way it handles playlists, but if I can edit with MusicBee and just have the player pull the playlists off Dropbox that would work. I haven't gotten to that yet, but I'm worried the playlists will not autoupdate from the cloud drives after I edit them.

    What am I missing here beside the fact that I feel like the last person on earth still trying to play local music?

    Should I just accept my fate with iTunes? I will have to buy DoubleTwist just to test it out.

    I really just want central playlist management and syncing over wifi and not a dang combo I can find really does that. It's like they have some profit incentive to get me to sign up for streaming or something... hmmmm

    Thanks for the help, sorry for the long post but I've spent weeks fighting this. I don't mind paying like 2-3 bucks a month, but don't need 30 million songs nor do i want to stream so I'm not paying 10 bucks a month. I really should not have to pay anything a month for the rather simple request of a competent music player with wifi sync. I blame Google, they could easily have made us a AAA music player but considering all the Google searches I have to do to get anything to work under Android I think they know what they are doing.
    04-19-2016 02:27 PM

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