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    So basically I'm new to android with and S7 edge, I work away on a ship which has a WiFi network.
    When I first got back onboard i was able to join the network and then directed to a login page, no worries know the passwords and bing bang boom I'm on.
    Two days later and i start getting issues in regards to reaching the login page (90 minute limits).
    Forget network and rejoin, no bother. Later that day it does it again, this time i forget all network settings and reconnect. Fine works for a bit longer and then does it again, this time not being able to get to the login page. I a panic I factory reset my phone in attempt to get it to work..no joy.
    Get into port and run to another wifi cafe, no issues getting on there and download all the stuff again. This I later found out was because the skipper blocked my phone.
    He's gone now and I have access to the control panel for the wifi network on the ship after speaking to the office.
    However I can now connect through that but still don't get the login page on my phone, only way I can get on is access this wifi control panel every 90 mins. My laptop and my iPad work fine allowing login.

    Any ideas, is there some setting i need to change? Reset?
    04-20-2016 03:00 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    There's something you need to change, but it's going to be different on every "connect and login" setup. You have to connect to the router (the .1 address, usually), then look for the page that has your device blocked and remove your device from it. (I take it you have no technical people running the network aboard ship - if you did, it would be 30 seconds for them to do it.)
    04-20-2016 06:08 PM

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