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    My mico sd card has been causing a lot of issues.
    First of all, whenever I take a picture with the built in app, the photo corrupts on saving to SD.
    Second of all, whenever I edit files on the SD via my laptop, (e.g. moving a new album onto my sd card) it will show fine during the move, but once I put the SD card back into my phone, it acts like I never copied/deleted anything at all.
    Finally, my last ditch attempt to fix it, has been to delete everything off it, then format it using the HTC format. I have tried both the regular format, and format internally, and nothing works.
    This has only happened during the last major update (Marshmallow I think?), does anyone know how to fix this? It's been bugging me for months.

    I'm using an HTC M8, Android version 6.0. The SD card is a 64GB sandisk ultra.
    04-20-2016 08:47 PM

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