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    Despite having Adblock Plus on my Galaxy S3, I have had a series of nasty popups that would not go away when I visited the Breitbart news site. This did not happen if I read Breitbart on my PC. (Yes, I have deleted the link to Breitbart on my Samsung, and the popups have finally gone.)
    The popups tell me I have won an iPhone (how pointless is that to a Samsung user!), but also carry fake warnings that I must click a link or my battery will die, or other terrible things happen to the phone.
    These nasties hit even though I set my phone to reject cookies. There was no way to close them. Restarting the phone- they were still there.
    Has anyone had a similar experi4ence? Do I assume it's something the Breitbart website was (knowingly or not) carrying? And why would these popups appear on my S3 but not on my PC (both use AdBlock Plus)?
    04-21-2016 06:55 PM

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