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    Hello all,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 that I originally got from South Korea unlocked and have been using it in the U.S. for about 1 year now on Metro PCS. I just updated it to Marshmallow 6.0.1 and now it will not send SMS or MMS on network. What makes things really odd is that it will ONLY send the messages when I have the WiFi "ON" and connected.I know there has been issues with other users phones and it not sending/receiving with the WiFi on, but my case is the complete opposite of that. I can receive messages just fine on network and do everything else like call, surf the web, etc. When it comes to sending an SMS/MMS 'ON" network it will give me a fail message every time.

    I have tried everything it feels like, I have cleared the cache and data on the messages app multiple times. I have tried sending messages in safe mode, tired airplane mode on/off trick, restarted it in recovery mode and wiped cache partition, rebooted it without a sim card, even tried using different sms messaging apps. Basically everything and NOTHING worked, I even took it to a Metro PCS store and had the network settings confirmed and they did some light troubleshooting of their own.

    I just don't understand how the ONLY way I can send a text is if I have WiFi "ON" and connected. The finally step I have to try is to do a factory reset but I am trying to avoid that till the end. I wanted to share my story and ask for some help or suggestions on what else I can try that I have not done. Thanks I hope to hear from some of you
    04-21-2016 11:18 PM

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