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    I'm not a giant phone nut, but I assume like everyone, I like a solid working phone. I'm currently using a Galaxy Core Prime (it came free when I switched from Verizon). It's having issues with the touchscreen...it doesn't recognize your finger touching the screen. So it's time for a new phone. So I go to the Metro store, explain my problem, and when I go to show the guy my phone suddenly works again! WTF! I'm not taking a chance on just keeping this one cuz it's probably only a matter of time before it stops working again. Anyways, the best two phones available at the Metro store (well best two based on price) are the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime and HTC Desire 626. Neither get great reviews (as I expected) on CNET. The best thing I read was that CNET referred to the Grand Prime as the best entry level Android, or the best one for under $200; I forget which quote they wrote.

    Anyways, like I said, I'm not on my phone that often. I'm not a gamer. I mostly watch YouTube and streaming movies, as well as, listen to my music library. I, like everyone, want a decent battery. One of the review sites mentioned some sort of glitch with the Grand Prime where around the 30 day mark, a black splotch appears on the screen. They said it was a glitch that all of them have, so you can't "luck out" and get one that it doesn't happen with. How much truth is there to this? It was also saying that it has a very dim display and it's hard to read in the sun. Could it be worse than the Core Prime I currently have?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, especially from someone who owns/owned one of these two phones.

    04-25-2016 01:00 PM

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