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    Ever since my Sprint Note 4 was updated to Android 6.x it is not recognized as the Android Device on my Win 10 laptop.

    Measures taken:
    Turned on Developer Options to try to toggle USB Configuration. This is unsuccessful. The option cannot be toggled. It is on MTP. I know this is the desired mode by other people have said to turn it to Charger Mode only then back to MTP. It cannot be changed.

    On my Win 10 laptop it is seen as an unrecognized USB device. I deleted all USB devices thru Device manager and rebooted so they are all reinstalled.

    I have tried turning USB Debugging Mode on and off.

    Also, I am not given the option to use my SD Card as Internal Memory rather than Portable memory. If I could make it Internal memory it would cure my general issue of putting a lot of movies onto my phone that are actually on the SD Card but are considered Internal memory by transferring files via Pushbullet Portal. At this point I have a 128G SD Card that is basically useless to me.

    I have tried toggling the USB Mode via a method of using the phone app and putting in the numbers #3366633# or similar. I can tell that the phone does something with that code but it's not helping my situation. There was also the number similar to *#0808# but that did nothing.

    Please help me to get my Win10 laptop to receognize the phone or help me get the SD card to be set to this Internal memory mode that is supposed to happen with Marshmallow. There is a persistent SD Card notification but all it does is take me to the file manager to view SC Card files of which there are very few
    Thanks, Ken
    04-25-2016 01:13 PM

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