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    Xperia Z3 is on sale for 360 euros and I am seriously considering purchasing one. However, I am worried about the age of the phone.

    Alternatively, I am also thinking of buying a windows phone, namely Lumia 830(about 180 euros). I like the OS but I know it does not have many apps, and it is snappy.

    I have grown a bit skeptical on Android after a big disappointment from my Galaxy S3. It was slow, it was overheating, laggy and the battery drained very fast. I was surprised to see that my Lumia 520 was performing much better, even being a budget device.

    Do new Android phones have those problems as well?
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    04-25-2016 02:16 PM
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    I just recently purchased a locked to a US carrier Z3.
    Unfortunately it was scratched badly when I received it so it went back (that's another story)

    The short time I had it up and running I really liked it a lot.
    It was very fast, I loved clutching it and it was very lightweight.
    The screen was deep in colors and very sharp.

    I'm still planning on buying one for a good price preferably unlocked with 32 gigs of storage.

    As Windows phone user also I would say that the Lumia 830 is another stellar buy.
    I have also been looking at the 830.

    The Asus ZF2 and my Xperia Z1 have given me no real problems to date.
    I enjoy both phones yet I prefer the Sony Xperia as a daily use device.

    Good luck on the search!
    Hope I have given a small amount of insight that may help you.
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    04-25-2016 03:17 PM
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    Indeed you have and thank you very much! Be careful with the 32gb variant. If it is the Z3+ you are referring to, I have heard it overheats badly!
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    04-25-2016 03:34 PM

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