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    Okay, so I own an LG Optimus L90 Smartphone powered by T-Mobile and about 3 weeks ago, I went to use it, and couldn't open my lock screen. I tried pretty much everything from lightly knocking/tapping the corners to see if I had to re-align the screen or something to putting it in rice and praying it would work again. Eventually, I had to Hard Reset it. It my last-ditch option and I couldn't reset it normally because of the fact that I couldn't touch the screen. It still didn't help. So, I set it in rice for about 2 days, again, and suddenly it worked. But it definitely had some lasting issues.... The screen sensitivity has been thrown off completely, some days it works just fine, and others I can't open the lock screen again. But it's not just that, whenever I try to scroll up or down on a page or use an app, it goes to the top of the page or the bottom; no in between. Other times I can't pull up my keyboard to type and sometimes when I'm able to, it takes ten years to write a single word because it takes so much re-typing of letters for it to FINALLY type that letter. The only way around that has been to use Talk-Text, when I can access it of course. And just recently, it has been going back to not letting me do anything with it again. When I woke up today, it was a little wonky, but not terrible, then it went through a spaz fit where it just randomly opened apps and clicked all over the screen everywhere, to now this un-responsive to touch thing.

    -All software is up to date; Factory settings (Not unlocked/Jail broken)

    -It's in fairly good condition: A few scratches here and there, but nothing chipped off or broken. The screen is like brand new/NO cracks or scratches. Nothing rattling or loose. I do not use a screen protector with this phone.

    -Tried Hard reseting/"Knocking" on corners/Re-calibrating screen through display options/Cleaned screen/Bathing it in Rice

    So if there's any sort of advice about anything I should try or attempt to do, I am pretty much open to anything. And if it's too far gone to save, just let me know. I honestly have no clue as to what caused this. I literally woke up one morning and it just didn't respond. Thank you in advance.
    04-26-2016 06:39 PM
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    Did the phone get wet or suffer any moisture contamination? Why are you putting it in rice?... normally, this is only tried if the phone got wet.

    It certainly sounds like a hardware problem. If the phone has an SD card, remove it. You might try removing the Sim card too to see if it helps. If even a factory reset didn't help, then it might be time for a new phone.
    04-26-2016 08:41 PM

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