1. bo reddude's Avatar
    I've spent the past few hours checking out just about all the "free" VOIP phone on google play. And the most common problem is that they're not free. They're free to download and install, but to make the call and actually use it as a VOIP phone, you have to purchase credits.

    Closest thing is vonage app but their time is limited to 8 minutes/call.

    Google hangouts dialer can make the free calls, but the screen goes blank as soon as you hit call button, and you can't get the number pad in order to enter numbers.

    All others are just scams that allows you to call other users of the app.

    Has anyone had any luck finding a truly free VOIP app with functioning number pad and speaker phone function?
    04-26-2016 09:02 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Ooma has no limit, but the catch is that you have to buy their modem. (And if you want your home number ported and all the other goodies, it's about $120/year, which - considering the cost of other landline services, is pretty cheap.) Since that's been my "phone company" for years, I downloaded their app when it became available and now I have my home phone on my cellphone.
    05-01-2016 03:53 AM

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