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    My "real" camera prints beautiful 4"x6" pictures. My phone prints 4" x 3.2" pictures that cut off people's heads & feet. I'm tired of wasting money on horrible prints ("True Digital Prints") & have been on the phone with Samsung for 25min now.

    An operator actually just told me to go to Best Buy (!!) & ask them. Really?! I chose the prompts for 1) Samsung Galaxy S5 2) Cell phones 3) Help with accessories & he's telling me to go to an electronics store an hour away!

    My choices are:

    5312x2988 (16.9)
    3984x2988 (4:3)
    2976x2976 (1:1)
    3264x2448 (4:3)
    3264x1836 (16:9)

    Now he's come back on the phone & said that I can't get a 4x6 print from my camera & that the numbers above don't mean anything (?!?!). WHY are they there then?!

    1) Is it possible to print a 4x6 picture from my phone?
    2) What setting should I use above?
    3) If those settings don't actually mean anything, which one should it be on? LoL

    Thank you in advance!
    04-27-2016 07:44 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. I would try the second 4:3.

    It seems cameras use either 4:3 or 3:2 aspect ratios (according to wiki..)

    It may help to take a shot from a little further away and pre crop the image before printing. If you choose to do this, I would make a copy of the original image, and use the copy for messing around with.
    04-27-2016 09:34 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Any of the resolutions you show is MORE than adequate for 4X6 prints (unless you're talking about 4 feet X 6 feet). 2MP is adequate for an 8X10 print. Your problem isn't the camera, it's framing your subjects. If you have the person's hear right at the top of the frame, and 4X6 only prints 80% of the height, the operator may decide to set the machine to print the bottom 80%. Divide the frame into 3 parts, horizontally and vertically (like tic tac toe or naughts and crosses). Put your main subject entirely in the center box. Read some of Kodak's websites on the rule of thirds.
    05-01-2016 03:39 AM

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