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    How to restore samsung galaxy tab 4 10.1 sm-t530 nu
    04-27-2016 09:22 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. Can you elaborate on what you mean by restoring? Do you mean a reset, or reinstalling Android?
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    04-27-2016 10:25 AM
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    Attempting to do a full wipe and reinstall original factory software.. How to restore galaxy tab 4 10.1-2018-10-15-12.45.41.jpg
    now all i get is the samsung boot up screen.
    a cold boot w/ power vol up and home gets me the 2nd screen and vol up bounces back to the orig screen (photo 1)
    when i boot off a usb into odin i am then totally lost..
    loaded usb driver 1.5.65 onto win 10 and win 7 with various cables
    in win 7 in device manager it shows "unspecified"
    i have spent more than a few hours on this and the frustration factor is building :-(
    I know this is a tablet i can replace for $115. but will consider shipping it to a knowledgeable android person for reimage.
    Attached Thumbnails How to restore galaxy tab 4 10.1-2018-09-29-08.38.08.jpg  
    10-15-2018 03:49 PM

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