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    Ever since the last Voicemail update a week ago to Version T., the functionality of the application has been ****. I've tried uninstalling the update but it won't allow me to revert back to the old. This is seriously 5 steps in the wrong direction.

    1st. When the update was done and I saw immediately that it was far ****tier than the last version, I tried to uninstall the update and it deleted all of my old voicemails from business clients and potential business clients. That's money lost because I no longer have their contact info.

    2nd. On the voicemail icon on my homescreen, it shows I have messages that I already listened to rather than before, if I listened to them all, there would be not numbers on the icon.

    3rd. I can't even save a contact from the voicemail application. I have to go out to my call logs and save it from there.

    Was there no QA'ing the app before the morons sent it out to the public. So pissed. This isn't a pre-paid phone. It's a GALAXY PHONE!!!!!!!!! How dare Samsung or Sprint allow this crap.
    04-27-2016 09:37 AM

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