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    Regarding the connectivity problem with our home wifi. It simply will not connect. My 2 other computers and my families computers and phones (iphone and Galaxy S3) all connect perfectly. My old S3 connected perfectly as well. I also have a Galaxy Tab4 that will not connect to our wifi as well. My S6 will connect to other sources of wifi.

    As for the email; my s6 will not respond when I type in my email and a known and proper password is entered. On 2 occasions, my wife and I have got it to work, but would only receive a fraction on my incoming email. This would only last a day or so, then it would stop working altogether.

    8 Different employees at AT&T cannot get both of these problems resolved. Even their expert on help could not fix my phone. I have searched the internet for solutions and have had no success. I have tried ever fix imaginable.
    04-27-2016 10:16 AM
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    As for #1, 6.0.1 is known for that bug. Make sure you have IPv6 turned off in the router and AES as the encryption in wifi (not TKIP or TKIP+AES). Also make sure that no other 2.4GHz devices are running nearby (like microwave ovens, or any little toys or devices that are radio controlled and say 2.4GHz).

    As for #2, it could be the email server (you don't say who your email provider is). And "employees" at a normal AT&T store are sales people, not technicians. Take it to your local AT&T Device Support Center (the store will tell you where that is). If they can't figure it out, they may replace the phone (so have everything backed up - see Backing up an Android Device).
    04-27-2016 04:49 PM

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