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    Im sorry, Im still new in this. And please forgive for my bad English.

    -To be more specific, I can't receive/load and save any pictures which is shared to me in timeline features in LINE. The thumbnail itself won't load in my phone.

    -Not only in timeline features actually, but also any photos and videos that were sent to me in chat and etc. . I can still send photos, chat and videos to others. But I can't see what I send (the preview). To make it weird enough, it only happen when Im using my personal wifi. And everything back to normal when I use my mobile data.

    -Not only me who had this, but my brother too. (iPhone 6)

    -Wifi connection works fine in computer and laptop

    -It just happen recently in these past 4 days.

    -My router is Dazan. (

    -My provider is MyRepublic
    04-27-2016 10:02 PM

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