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    So I recently upgraded to the Galaxy S7 and one of the things I found myself more interested in than I thought I'd be is Samsung Pay. Particularly, I'm fascinated by the phone's ability to interact with normal magnetic strip readers, and that got me thinking: would there be a way to utilize the MST interface in the S7 to send not just my credit card number, but any custom string I wanted. For example, the lock on my building requires a magnetic ID swipe to get into, and the string that's sent is my personal ID code along with ;1, so having the "swipe" on my phone would actually be useful in the event I lost my ID. I already know the receiver is capable of interacting with my phone, the problem is sending the correct string. I think this would be an interesting project if anyone has some input. Thanks!
    04-27-2016 10:56 PM

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