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    If you have watched YT videos on a desktop or laptop, you may have stumbled upon the variable speed feature. It's a huge (yes, even, yuuuuge) time saver and once you have learned how and when to use it, you will find it hard to be on YT without it. And yet that's exactly what happens when accessing YT with a mobile device. This has been a known 'issue' for many years. But I haven't read anything that discusses why mobile phones don't have access to that feature. Does any one know?

    I have tried a six or seven different browsers; no luck. The only workaround I could come up with was to remotely log in to my workstation. This setup, however, suffers from severe video degradation (though audio is fine). I am also aware of the approach of downloading the YT video and watching it through a player that has variable speed capabilities. That however is not a complete solution (e.g., private channel videos). I'd love hear about other approaches or solutions.

    Why does this come across as such an intractable problem? It works fine on a desktop...it works fine on a laptop...but no luck on any mobile device (and I have tried multiple different devices and apparently this is also an issue with iphones). If it's a technical issue, I'd like to read up on it...then clean house with introducing a new app.
    04-28-2016 07:03 PM

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