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    I had a Droid4 on both ICS and JB for years and don't recall this issue. I just upgraded to an GS5 this month and found that copy/paste doesn't always work (read never works as expected).

    Example: Copy text from Chrome to Message+
    I want to send an address of a company to someone in a text. I long press, select, copy in chrome. I then switch apps and go to Message+. In message, I long press and paste. Instead of the address, it pastes some phone number I copied at some other time.

    In the last few days I noticed that sometimes I can copy text and when I go to paste it won't bring the menu up as though there's nothing in the clipboard (no context for what I was doing there, don't remember).

    What am I doing wrong? This is the same process I've always used on Android so either the Galaxy is different, KitKat is different, or I'm not understanding how some of the apps on the GS5 work compared to my old D4.
    04-29-2016 11:51 AM

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