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    Hey guys,

    I have an old Galaxy s3 which has a broken screen, I'm after getting some pictures off the phone which I know was defiantly on it as was using it more as a memory card just storing old pics etc. I have installed Google pics on my current phone to get all my old pics but seems these pics wasn't synced I also installed kies (Samsung software) into my laptop to transfer my pics that way but as I had a pattern screen lock on my phone it asks this to be unlocked before I can import them this way, as I mentioned above the screen is broke so I can't unlock the keypad either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks charlotte
    04-29-2016 02:29 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    04-29-2016 06:20 PM
  3. char2299's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply much appreciated. Had a good read and seems that's for a number password and mines a pattern, which I'm struggling to remember or I know it and just can't confirm if it's correct as the screen isn't working. I'm trying to listen for a unlock noise which I can't hear. Thanks again
    04-30-2016 10:56 AM

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