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    Hello, I have a 4G Tablet with Verizon. I am on a shared plan of 1GB with another person. And as such, I don't have the information with me to answer detailed questions. However, this past month she was told my usage went over quite a bit. 500MB-700MB for me alone. We chose this plan and found it good since we mostly use wireless anyway. The only problem is that my tablet data on the day that I was to have my cycle end, it said I used 298MB. Well within my limit nevermine the actual 1GB. She never uses much either.
    I figure that if she used 100, 200 even 300MB herself which is something she is likely to never do and hasn't done yet. That means my charges would have been the rest of the 1,024MB OR 724MB just to get to the limit itself. But then, we did go over a litte as well. But my tablet says I only used 298MB.
    SO, can someone tell me in GENERAL the difference between my tablet and Verizon and what they say I have used???? I understand it can vary, but by how much???? Can someone please give me an Aproximate answer to this question???? If you can, I will be able to f igure out the rest myself. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!!!!
    04-29-2016 03:59 PM

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