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    When I connect my Samsung Galaxy S6 to my computer, it will only charge. It does not recognize it at all. My husband's Samsung connected fine. I am trying to get my pictures off of it and I can't using Windows 10 phone companion or Onedrive.
    04-30-2016 12:15 PM
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    Try these steps:

    1. First thing, unplug your Samsung phone or tablet from the computer.
    2. Find and click on the control panel.
    3. Click on the hardware and sound.
    4. Under devices and printers click on the Device manager.
    5. You want to scroll down to other devices and click on it, to expand it.
    6. Now plug in your Samsung device. The Device manager will refresh automatically.
    7. You should see an unknown device now under other devices. If not click on other devices to expand it once again.
    8. Now right click on the unknown device it should identify the device as a samsung device.
    9. This is where you will click on the update driver button. Select the option that allows for a computer and internet search. It will find what it needs from the internet.
    10. Now allow for the device drivers to be downloaded and installed. This may take a few minutes.
    11. After they have installed the device manager will refresh.
    12. Now look under portable devices which should be located just under other devices. And you should find your samsung device properly identified.
    13. At this point your device will show up under windows explorer. However the contents may not be visible until you install and run samsung smart switch for the first time, and click on the more button. Then click reinstall drivers. Or you could wait a few minutes and see if the tablet or phone asks you to allow transfers.
    02-05-2017 06:25 PM

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