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    This happened a few days ago... I turned My LG G3 off for a bit because it was heating up a lot. I tried to turn it back on but it wouldn't respond so I figured that it's because it died since it was around 5% charge when I turned it off. So I plugged it into the charger but the battery charging symbol wouldn't show up on the phone's screen, but still I let it sit for a bit assuming it was still charging despite the symbol not popping up. About a half hour later I tried to turn it on but it wasn't doing anything and I thought it's because it wasn't charging after all. though the phone does pop up with a screen saying 0% battery charge when it's dead and you try to turn it on, so I know there was still some charge left on the battery.

    I don't know what to do or what exactly happened to my phone. Is it bricked? Is it a battery problem? Is there a way to fix it?

    I did notice later that the phone still responds to the battery when the charge reached 0% and that screen I mentioned showed up.
    Also, the phone screen turns on with the battery symbol and "?" mark when I plug the charger cable in without the battery in the phone. Then it Disappears when I put the battery back in. Which makes me hope it's just and issue with the battery and i can simply replace it.

    If you know what's going on or you know a solution pleeeaaaase let me know! Any help is appreciated
    05-01-2016 03:24 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar

    It sounds to me as if it may need a replacement battery....but I could be wrong.
    05-01-2016 05:25 PM
  3. Des Vu's Avatar
    Yea I thought that might be the case too, so I got a new one. buuuuut still that's not the case :/
    05-06-2016 05:29 PM

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