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    So i currently use US Cellular as my provider. It uses a SIM card slot, so I assume it's unlockable. I'm moving to Florida from Iowa and there is no US Cellular coverage there. I have already decided on Tmobile as my new carrier. I called US Cellular customer "service" and they tell me that they can't send me an unlock code and that I need to go to a US Cellular store to get it unlocked. The lady hooked it up to a little box and every single time at the last step, she said it would fail. So i call customer service again and they tell me to go to the store again. I call the store and they tell me they can only unlock iPhones. Are they giving me the runaround so i don't switch providers? I have had this phone active with them for over a year and according to law, they have to unlock it. Why would they try to unlock it when the lady working at the store told me over the phone that they can only unlock iPhones.
    05-02-2016 06:38 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    The law REQUIRES that they provide you with the unlock code. Remind them of that - and the fact that if it goes to your attorney, US Cellular is going to pay his fee AND the FCC fine (which is $10,000 per day per violation - which can be a huge chunk of change if they've been stalling you for a while).
    05-02-2016 11:40 PM
  3. cohoman's Avatar
    I looked into this recently for AT&T, and as Rukbat stated legally the carrier is required to unlock your phone if you own it (i.e., are not making payments on the phone) and are not on a contract. The only other recourse is to buy a unlock code from a 3rd party vendor online to use with a T-Mobile SIM to unlock your phone.
    05-03-2016 06:09 AM

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