1. poojaarorakhr's Avatar
    My phone is getting synced for a single contact for most of the other contacts of my address book. My address book is mapped through MS lync, MS Outlook Exchange and Google Contacts.

    Can it be an issue related to the content caching? Any pointers on that?

    I have recently taken a sync from google and lync.

    Please help to resolve this issue as its creating a lot of problem for me and I am almost on the verge of losting my original contacts.

    05-03-2016 02:28 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    It could. Are all your contacts Google contacts (first line when you edit a contact)? They won't sync if they aren't (at least, not as gar as Google sync is concerned). Do you have them listed more than once for each "type" - MS lync, MS Outlook Exchange?

    And if this doesn't help, does your first sentence mean that all your contacts are getting synced as a single contact? (Export your contacts, then save the list to a computer, and you can't lose your contacts.)
    05-16-2016 06:33 PM

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