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    Where I live I don't have cell service. I can't get a land line either. I have Comcast internet for the only purpose of using the Wi-Fi. I never had a problem in two years until I bought two new metro pcs phones. I am getting the error code on both. I have tried updating the e911 address, called metro customer support, Comcast customer support, took both the phones back to the metro store, sent signals to both the modem and phones and still no result. For about 15 minutes I connected to the xfinity Wi-Fi and was able to access the Wi-Fi calling while at home but shortly after there was not enough signal strength to do so from xfinity.
    When I am at work I can connect to their Wi-Fi and make the calls through their connection, and also was able to do the same at the metro store. I've updated the address at all three places, and I still have nothing. Both metro and Comcast state the issue is not on their end.
    The whole purpose of having these phones and internet service is so that I can keep in contact with my child while he is home and I am working and I am extremely frustrated. All of my other devices can connect to the Wi-Fi including the phones, but the phones will not connect to the Wi-Fi calling.
    I am so irritated, I don't know what else to do. Someone please help me.
    05-03-2016 07:55 PM

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