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    I was wondering if someone might be able to help me. A few days ago my SD card became corrupted, causing my phone - a Cricket-branded Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 - to act all crazy. At first it wouldn't read the apps stored on the card, then a while later the phone kept on restarting, then after I'd get it started the launch screen would pop up every few seconds and interrupt whatever I was doing. So after work I removed the card and the phone was fine, which is a relief. I tested the card on two laptops - on the Windows 10 one it would freeze the file explorer; the Windows 7 one actually brings up options to fix it. Then just to be sure, I put an old 2 gb card I had on hand in the phone and it is still acting normally. Thank goodness I have double cloud backups of my photos, so there's nothing of value that's been totally lost. I went ahead and got a new SD card since they are pretty cheap. (And for whatever it's worth, the corrupt card is a 32 gb Samsung. A couple of months ago I bought it directly from Amazon - not third party - so I assume it's legit and not counterfeit; the packaging and card didn't have the telltale bogus details I've read about. The new one is a SanDisk bought directly from Amazon.)

    Since I have Lollipop (specifically, 5.0.2), when I'd move an app to the SD card, there'd still be a significant chunk of data left in the internal storage that didn't carry over. Now that those apps are all gone, there's a lot of wasted space being taken up by their remainders. What I'm wondering now is how do I delete all of that phantom data? Or will that data simply be overwritten if I redownload the apps? (I redownloaded a couple and they automatically logged me in, etc.)

    I guess I could do a factory reset, but setting up the phone again from scratch will be a pain and I'm hoping a workaround exists that will do the trick. Thanks.
    05-05-2016 07:48 PM
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    It already sounds like you got a handle on things.

    True that in LP, you can't install the full app onto an SD card, and apps that supposedly do allow it, don't move everything, leaving most of it on the device. You could reinstall your apps to have them attempt to overwrite the old apps, but who knows if the remnants will really get overwritten or just exist somewhere else on the device unseen. I once created and deleted a 640Mb folder full of photos just to see what would happen to the Misc Files folder size. When I deleted the folder, the Misc Files size didn't decrease by the expected 640Mb. I created the folder again with the same contents and the Misc Files increased in size again by 640Mb. So somewhere there is space being taken up by the deleted contents of the first folder even though they can't be seen. I live with it simply because I'm not stressed for room on my phone... and my phone still runs fine. No worries for me.

    A factory reset is a major PITA but might be worth it if you wish to have a fresh/clean phone. Or you can live with possible remnants if the phone is working all right and you're also not stressed for space.

    As for the SD's, you can download SD Insight to check your SD cards. It covers a lot of manufactures, so these being Samsung and SanDisk, the program should verify them for you with no problem. On the Samsung, you should probably run chkdsk in Windows to check it for bad sectors. It might not be totally messed up and chkdsk might be able to fix what it can.
    05-05-2016 10:16 PM

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