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    Hi guys, I just got my new Galaxy S7 yesterday and couldn't get it to connect to my home wifi. I've entered in all the right details, did it in static mode- did it manually as well etc. but it just won't connect! I've tried to connect it with other wifis and it works fine.

    I've tried wiping the cache, rebooting, "forgetting" the network etc. but when I press connect nothing even happens. With other networks it still shows "connecting" or "authentication fail" but with my home wifi NOTHING happens when I press connect. Help please, losing hairs over this!
    05-06-2016 08:01 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    did it in static mode
    Are you sure the IP you gave it was OUTSIDE the IP range of the router's leasing setting? AND that it was within the router's first 3 octets?

    Read [GUIDE] Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Connection Problems and see if your router is set up in some way that conflicts with it.
    05-06-2016 11:09 PM

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