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    Hello, my Galaxy S2 screen is currently broken (the screen black when I turn it on and the screen is not functional, but the phone is still working). So at this crisis, I am currently trying to get my pictures out of my phone, but since my phone needs me to manually use the phone to allow the usb to be connected, I cannot transfer my photos. I downloaded a software called Samsung Kies, which would supposedly access my phone to take out the photos, but I need my password to be inputted, which I cannot do since I can't use my screen. I am currently trying to use apps that would let me remotely access the screen from my laptop such as androidscreencast, but it isn't detecting my device for some add reason. I heard that it could be because that my phone doesn't have usb debugging on, but I'm not completely sure. I am able to say is that when I have my phone connected to my laptop, in the Devices and Printers, it is labeled "SAMSUNG_Android" in the Unspecified section. I really need help as these photos are very precious to me and that I would not like to waste time and money on unreliable "technicians." Thank you!
    05-06-2016 10:34 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Find a shop that will connect an old screen for you long enough for you to copy everything to an SD card or a laptop. (You'll have to pay them something, of course.)
    05-07-2016 12:04 AM

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