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    I use bluetooth earphones mos of the time, the last few days I've had an issue where, when going out from work, I turn my earphones on and they, as usual, automatically connect to the tab, and ater some 5 minutes something rare happens, the earphones stop playing audio, it plays(poorly) on the tab speakers... But the bluetooth controls are still working, aka I press 2 times the multi button(Bosesound link) and they go up one song, 3 times and it goes back, one and it pauses, vol up and down work, but the audio is on the tab, not the earphones, the only solution is to reset the earphones and restart the tab, but keeps happening day after day and Im about to throw the tab throuht the window(BTW, Idk if it matters but J factory reset the tab{for the sake of a "fresh start} about 7 months ago)
    05-08-2016 10:28 PM

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