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    I have a Moto G 3rd gen and my phone says that it is currently on 6.0 Marshmallow. My problem is a couple days ago as soon as I plugged in my phone a little pop-up appeared asking if I wanted to boost my charging speed. I clicked yes thinking it was part of the new update especially since I noticed the tabs on my window browsers have are colored light blue now and the pop-up was the same color. Shortly after I got a little suspicious of it and see if it would show up again when I plugged in my charger but it has not. It's been a couple days and It still has not shown up and I am beginning to worry that I could have just unleashed some harmful malware on my phone. I tried looking up the problem and it just led me to problems with downloading battery saving apps. I do not have any battery apps of any kind so I don't see a reason for that pop-up to show up in the first place but if anyone has any helpful information please let me know if you know what I am talking about and I hope my explanation was clear enough.
    05-09-2016 04:56 AM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums! There are a few apps that have started to push ads on the lock screen and installing DU quick charging (or something similar). Take a look at this thread.

    New Speed Charge/Battery Status Lock Screen with annoying ads "just appeared" on GN4
    05-09-2016 06:47 AM
  3. deecampp's Avatar
    Just experienced the exact same scenario. Wish I would have read this first. The link provided leads to a thread talking about lock screen ads, but this isn't a lock screen problem, and I haven't gotten any unusual ads. Additionally, my Nexus 6 is charging noticeably slower since I clicked yes for rapid charging.

    Any help would be appreciated. Like the OP, I'm worried I may have unleashed something damaging on my phone.
    05-09-2016 05:56 PM
  4. Javier P's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums! Yeah, some of the apps listed in that thread are pushing ads on the lock screen, but not all them and maybe it's different from phone to phone.

    Do you have any of the apps listed there? Maybe ES File Explorer?
    05-09-2016 06:07 PM
  5. deecampp's Avatar
    Yes, I do have ES file explorer installed.
    05-09-2016 06:41 PM
  6. KingPhoenix's Avatar
    Had that popup on my n6 today when I plugged in as well, immediately closed it, didn't seem legit since you can't turn off fast charge as far as I know and I hadn't alone any updates recently.

    I'm a little concerned about what app was able to read that I plugged in my charger and sent me an ad about it.

    If someone figures it out I will be promptly deleting that app. I suspect ES File Explorer that app really started adding alot of bloat/spam to it lately.
    05-09-2016 06:46 PM
  7. Javier P's Avatar
    Take a look at the last posts on that thread and see if disabling the Boost charging makes a difference.

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    05-09-2016 07:12 PM
  8. Rible's Avatar
    I got the same popup this afternoon. It appears to be a new "feature" of ES Explorer. If you look on the programs menu under tools you should be able to turn it on/off.
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    05-09-2016 08:01 PM
  9. cptsashimi's Avatar
    I got the same popup this afternoon. It appears to be a new "feature" of ES Explorer. If you look on the programs menu under tools you should be able to turn it on/off.
    I also got the pop-up on my phone and it does appear to be ES File Explorer. I've been unhappy with all the bloatware in the app and this was the last straw. It was a good file explorer but all this new bloatware is actually intrusive.

    Uninstalling from all devices in my house.

    Thanks for the help in finding and fixing the problem.

    Sent from my Nexus 9 using Tapatalk
    05-10-2016 11:10 AM
  10. technophile31's Avatar
    I just received this pop up today too. I absentmindedly clicked yes and immediately regretted it... thanks for the answers guys, I also had the file explorer installed. Just uninstalled it.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    05-10-2016 01:48 PM
  11. Rukbat's Avatar
    If it IS an app written by DU, uninstall it. Nothing from DU or Cheetah should be installed on an Android phone - they write Windows apps that just cause problems on Android.
    05-10-2016 06:26 PM
  12. Madmantwo's Avatar
    Same same, glad its easy to solve the problem, uninstalling ES File Explorer now.
    05-10-2016 06:57 PM
  13. Kapriciouz's Avatar
    Thank you. Had the same thing and also noticed a degradation of performance and charging ability after clicking yes. Also had the stupid ES explorer app. Uninstalled and hoping no long term damage was done.
    05-11-2016 12:40 AM
  14. ChelseaFCAustin's Avatar
    Unbelievable...I was getting the dang pop up on my G7 and followed another suggestion to long tap the pop up and found the toggle on my Avast Mobile Security App. What in the world.. the virus protection app put a friggin pop up on my phone... time to find another virus protection app. Seriously, how lame...
    01-17-2017 05:30 PM
  15. antonalog's Avatar
    If you use avast or some other security app it may be the problem. I've been using Avast for years and just recently started getting a (boost your charging ad pop up) when plugging into the charger, a closer look at it revealed it was coming from Avast antivirus, apparently Avast is now using this method to help cover the cost of this (now not so free service lol) so if this is what your experiencing you may want to take a closer look at some of the (so called free app on your phone) Hope this helped.
    06-12-2017 12:27 AM

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