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    My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (running Android 5.1.1) and ever since I set up sync with my corporate exchange server to sync my work email/ calendars/ tasks, it syncs with calendars other than mine.
    After my IT department spent a few thousand dollars troubleshooting this, I decided to fire up my old Android HTC DNA phone and it only syncs the calendar I want- mine. Our corporate Outlook has multiple calendars and I can choose which ones I want to see: my appointments, another for personal time off, another for events, etc. My Note 4 syncs with some strange combination of these calendars. I really only want to see my appointments and not everything else.
    I do not use the standard "Samsung calendar" but rather "Business Calendar Pro". It doesn't matter how I configure the settings on each, they seem to work in unison.
    This is the only phone in the company that has this sync issue and it is the only Note 4.
    I have tried resetting factory settings, removing and reinstalling exchange settings, I literally think I tried everything and am convinced it is something strange and unique to the Note 4.
    05-09-2016 07:45 AM

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