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    I recently switched to Huawei Y6 and I'm using microSD card in it that I previously used in REGZA while I was in Japan.
    There's data I'd fully like to access through phone (or PC for that matter) but I can't.

    My current biggest concern is to import all notes I have on current SD card (and another one i used in Galexy Xcover untill recently). While I managed to convert all notes to txt files (all together around 200), I can't seem to import them to any of the note apps I install.
    The most apps allow me to brows through SD card is the folders that current android on Huawei Y6 made, but not any other folders/files that are there since REZGA time.
    Connecting it to PC I can brows only the content that was made by REZGA.
    Aka I can't access storage/emulated/0/ where all Huawei files are through PC, and I can't access any REZGA files through my Huawei phone.

    A few people that had problems accessing emulated/0/ folder solved it by formatting SDcard and I'm thinking of doing the same, but I'm turning to forums if there are any other ideas.
    I've already back up any important files made by REZGA, but if possible I'd like to avoid reinstalling/resetting everything I made with Huawei till now too (but it's mostly games data only, so it's not that important...)
    05-10-2016 07:22 AM

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