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    I've been noticing that I was playing phone tag with my boss for quite a while then one day with the phone next to me and sound turned on I got a voicemail from her. My phone never rang! I did a little searching and saw that the setting was on auto reject. I have never done this! I went through my contacts and then noticed that about a third of my contacts we're also listed as auto reject, people who had been calling me all along. They could no longer call and have my phone ring. I have never even known about that setting before but I went about going through all my contacts and setting them back so they were not on auto reject.

    Next thing, a few days later the same thing happened with my son. There was a voicemail, I checked it and it was him saying he had just called me. The sound was on and the phone was next to me and nothing had happened. There was no icon in the upper-left corner that I had missed a call but he did leave a message luckily. I went to the settings but his was not on auto reject which seemed strange. I texted him and asked me to call and still nothing happened. If he doesn't leave a message there is no missed call icon to even indicate that he has called. I tried to put it on auto reject and then turn that off and that did not fix the problem. Yesterday I powered off, took out the SIM card, put that back in, and powered back on. I asked him to call and still no ringing. What can I do because I want my son to be able to reach me without texting me first.

    Possibly related, one day shortly before this I noticed that many of my ringtones and notification tones had randomly been changed to tones that I had never heard before and had not set them to. That was very frustrating too

    Around the same time, my phone started cutting out when talking to people. There would just be dead silence for about 10 to 15 seconds and then it would start working. This was not with any one individual, butt could happen in any call to any person.
    05-10-2016 07:53 AM
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    Sounds like a defective phone. Replacing it or reflashing the ROM (make sure you have everything backed up first) would probably fix it.

    As a temporary "fix", try starting in Safe Mode (search for starting safe mode for your model phone) - that keeps all your installed (as opposed to those that came with the phone) apps from running unless you run them. If the phone works in Safe Mode, one of your installed apps is causing a problem.
    05-10-2016 11:03 AM

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