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    I'm trying to install a 32 Gig sd card in my phone. How do I transfer/keep apps from the existing 8g card?
    05-10-2016 01:31 PM
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    Tap the app - it runs from memory. I think you mean "transfer files to {internal|external} storage". Use your file manager to copy files wherever you want. (If they copy correctly you can delete the original - if you move them and it doesn't work, you can lose the copy AND the original.)

    To move apps to the SD card ...

    Most apps these days can't run from the SD card*, so the developers have turned off that ability - so you don't complain that their app doesn't run from the SD card, when they already know it won't. The few that can will have an active Move to SD card button in Application manager.

    *If you're running Marshmallow and have the card set as adoptable storage, Android decides where to put which app when it's installed. It's also a VERY bad habit to get into - when the card goes bad (they do), you lose all the apps installed to it, and usually all the data associated with those apps. Use adoptable storage for what it was meant to be used for - a band-aid for a phone with almost no internal storage, until you can afford a modern phone. (Any phone with more than 4GB of internal storage shouldn't need apps on the SD card. An 8GB phone isn't meant to be used as a portable laptop.) Or, at least, that's what Samsung says about adoptable storage.
    05-10-2016 03:58 PM

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