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    Hello everyone this is my first post here I'm looming to get an answer for a rather annoying problem here. About since a week ago i have been getting this error which says "*app name* can't be installed (Error code : -504)". Now the weird this about this error is that it only comes up on apps which are over 50 mb or which are classified as big apps. Also I'm aware of error 504 which is a gateway error but this is completely another thing because this occurs after the app is done downloading it only shows up while the app is installing. And the weird thing is that the same thing occurs when I try to download the app in apk form too. So any app under 50 mb will install but over that its going to give the same APP NOT INSTALLED error. So far iv troed using an antivirus that detects nothing and clearing cache through clean master and even through a factory reset as well as clearing data and cache of the market and nothing is working please help. My device is the Infinix hot note and I'm running 5.1 LP.
    05-10-2016 03:12 PM
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    How much free space do you have in internal storage in your apps area? You may be down to a few hundred MB (some phones need even more), so you can't install anything (it installs to internal storage, even if you used an app to change that to external storage - it goes to internal first, unless you have an SD card mounted as adoptable storage). (See https://answers.yahoo.com/question/i...1083227AAAP1ji - he reached the same conclusion.)
    05-10-2016 03:34 PM

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